Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zero waste

The wiper made out of the waste fabric
were Super Textile' effort on the zero waste
To decrease the industry waste in our daily production is one of our routine tasks. In the 4th floor of Super Textile factory, here is the cutting and sewing department, the members are busy with their jobs. You will see there are some waste fabric on the ground.  The waste fabric sent to the dumping yard, it will cause the environment pollution, and our colleagues think it’s so wasteful.  So we are thinking how to reduce the waste and reuse the waste fabric we produce.
After brain storming from our colleagues, we give rebirth to the waste fabrics, to reuse them by making them as scarf, wiping fabric, which would be a gift given to our customer and for our colleague cleaning.  The wiping fabric as the photo shown is about 20 g, it can absorb water over 5 times of its weight. The effort we have done is aimed to become a zero waste factory.

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