Sunday, November 21, 2010

TUV certification

Not only SuperTextile has been devoted to converting recycled bottles into textile materials for over 10 years, but we work hard to ensure the highest quality and maintain customer
satisfaction. Thus we have acquired an international certificate for our products through a third party certification organization – TUV. 
TUV is a renowned certification expert, from the most environmentally conscious country – Germany. With such certification, we hope to accelerate our product connection with every major brand company in the world.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainwater recycling

We all know that oil reserves will be depleted in about 40 years, but we may not know that the Earth's fresh water resource will face great problems in 60 years. Although the amount of total annual rainfall in Taiwan has not changed much, it’s getting difficult to retain rainwater on the ground due to: the rain is usually heavy and fast, rain distribution is getting uneven, urbanization is making more trees got cut down. Supertextile would like to put in some effort for world’s fresh water depletion issue despite our small size. Therefore, we have built two rainwater tanks, one 63 tons and the other 126 tons, for our #1 and #2 factories, collecting rainwater for regular use of toilets, garden irrigation, surrounding lawn watering, environment cleaning, and rooftop sprinkling system for cooling purpose in the summer time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ecological pool

The vacant lot on the left side of the factory building used to be a lawn. After an EPA officer visited the lot and suggested it to be a wetland, it is now converted to an eco-pool. With Alocasia, water lotus and other native species of Taiwan, the eco-pool has become a self-contained ecosystem, within which dragonflies and butterflies slide, and frogs and fish swim freely. The eco-pool’s water is the rainwater collecting from the rooftop, buffering through a water piggy bank, slowly flows into the eco-pool. The principle of connecting pipe is applied, so when eco-pool’s water is filled, the water will flow to another water tank which has the same volume as the eco-pool.

Social responsibility

SuperTextile cooperates with Taoyuan County Farmers Association in distribution and application of scrap clothes and factory arisings. The company also dispatches aids to help their suppliers in typhoon relieving activities, and makes time and effort to improve the landscaping design for the neighboring manufacturers. SuperTextile employees have denoted their two-day pay to the victims of september 21st earthquake and August  8th typhoon-flooding. SuperTextile has helped ICDF of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizing several international seminars for APO members, including Textile Council of Hong Kong Limited, China Association of renewable resources, and many other domestic and foreign governmental institutes. The company also receives student group visits, from college students, such as Culture University, Oriental Institute of Technology, and Vanung University, to kindergarten kids, because we love to share our knowledge and what we do.