Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainwater recycling

We all know that oil reserves will be depleted in about 40 years, but we may not know that the Earth's fresh water resource will face great problems in 60 years. Although the amount of total annual rainfall in Taiwan has not changed much, it’s getting difficult to retain rainwater on the ground due to: the rain is usually heavy and fast, rain distribution is getting uneven, urbanization is making more trees got cut down. Supertextile would like to put in some effort for world’s fresh water depletion issue despite our small size. Therefore, we have built two rainwater tanks, one 63 tons and the other 126 tons, for our #1 and #2 factories, collecting rainwater for regular use of toilets, garden irrigation, surrounding lawn watering, environment cleaning, and rooftop sprinkling system for cooling purpose in the summer time.

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