Monday, November 1, 2010

Social responsibility

SuperTextile cooperates with Taoyuan County Farmers Association in distribution and application of scrap clothes and factory arisings. The company also dispatches aids to help their suppliers in typhoon relieving activities, and makes time and effort to improve the landscaping design for the neighboring manufacturers. SuperTextile employees have denoted their two-day pay to the victims of september 21st earthquake and August  8th typhoon-flooding. SuperTextile has helped ICDF of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizing several international seminars for APO members, including Textile Council of Hong Kong Limited, China Association of renewable resources, and many other domestic and foreign governmental institutes. The company also receives student group visits, from college students, such as Culture University, Oriental Institute of Technology, and Vanung University, to kindergarten kids, because we love to share our knowledge and what we do.

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