Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from bottle cap to platter

What can we do for the little bottle cap? This is a problem for us, Supertex, when we started to recycle the PET bottle. Why? We have to pick them our, because the material of bottle is different from the cap.
At first, we tried to recycle them to made Eco-yarn, unfortunately, we failed. So, we had to rethink, what we can make? After couple times of brainstorming, we possibly could make something for transport. This is why we make platter.
Each platter is made out of over 5000 bottle caps. It is light (8~12Kg), but strong. The cap platter can hold up about 600~1000 Kg weight and we use them in our factory for years. If the platter is broken, we still can recycle it and make a new one! Another solution for cradle to cradle!

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