Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PET bottle, the gold on the ground

In Taiwan, there are about 90,000 tones recycled PET bottles each year. Perhaps, you have no idea, how many bottles or how huge they are. The following number may be scaring you: 90,000 tones PET bottles are equivalent to 4.5 billion bottles and the volume is about 3 Taipei 101 buildings. If we can do something differently, we can create new value for these wastes.

15 years ago, we, Supertex, tried to spin from recycled bottles; however, the yield rate is only 30%. It could not be done by one man or single company. By publicizing of government and increasing environmental awareness, the yield rate highly goes to 80%. More and more companies realize the social responsibility, and start to use eco-material to produce their products. It is the future and this is the chance!

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