Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recycled caps to pallets

People have been using recycled bottles for textile material for more than 10 years, but caps and labels have not yet been used by any one. In the past, labels were made from PVC. After government has imposed the use of PET, now labels are made from PET, the same material as bottles’; therefore, label’s pollution issue has been solved. However, cap’s pollution issue still exists. In order to implement the cradle-to-cradle belief of zero pollution and zero waste, SuperTextile has devoted two years researching and developing a way to re-utilize these recycled caps. SuperTextile believes that their mission is to research and develop products that are closely related to people’s lives, thus to make contribution to humankind by improving their lives. There are four basic human needs: food, clothing, shelter and transportation, so what we do in SuperTextile is: converting bottles to clothing materials and caps to transportation pallets. Compared to traditional wooden pallets, Cap-made pallets are light, stackable thus space-saving, more durable and without pest problems. Many advanced countries in Europe and America have banned the use of wooden pallets due to pest problems.

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